air heat multi-press DR-2



General Description 

The air heat multi-press DR-2 is a heat press with dimensions 50*40cm. It is an easy to use press, ideal for flat surfaces (ready-made clothes, t-shirts), which will fully compensate you with its quality of pressing and its lifespan.
The time and temperature of resistance are controlled through a digital controller, while the following are also offered:
• Measurement of the daily production
• Measurement of the total production of the press during its lifespan
The application pressure of the press increases and decreases based on the operator's requirements with the use of a pressure regulator (pressure gauge) that is situated at a prominent spot on the front of the press. Our company guarantees the proper allocation of pressure and heat on the whole surface of the platen.
The air heat multi-press DR-2 is an excellent choice for companies with medium to large scale production which print on large surfaces of a size of up to 50x40cm max.
The air heat press DR-2 is fully manufactured in our facilities by experienced mechanics and technicians, who place emphasis on the quality of production and take under consideration the hygiene and employee safety requirements as well as the environmental protection requirements as these are set forth by the Council of the European Communities and by the Greek legislation (CE) (PD 377). This declaration becomes invalid if any changes occur to the heat press without our authorization.


Compliance with EC Directives:

• EC Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC) along with its amendments 91/368/EEC, 93/44/EEC and 93/68/EEC
• EC Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC) along with its amendment 92/31/EEC
• EC Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC)

Compliance with international standards:

• EN 292.01-92, EN 292.02-92, EN 294-92, EN 349-93, EN 23741-92, EN 23742-92, EN 60204.01-93

Compliance with national standards::

• ELOT 509-88

Technical specifications

Air heat press: 50x40cm

Digital controller for the measurement of
   time and temperature

• Temperature range: 0-240ο C
• Time range: 0 - 999sec
• Audiovisual time signal

• Meter of the daily production output

• Meter of the total production output of
   the press during its lifespan.


• Temperature fluctuation on the surface: +/- 2ο C

• Maximum power of the heated surface: 2200 W

• Power supply: 230V AC, 50Hz, 5A

• Air pressure: 6 bar

• Operators: 1

• CE

• Dimensions: 70x85x68cm

• Net weight: 145 Kg



The manually operated heat press DR-2 has a 12-month warranty, which is in effect from the date of purchase of the machine. The press DR-2 is accompanied by a manual, its wiring diagrams and all its spare parts numbered.
Our company guarantees the proper function of the press and is obliged to service or repair any faulty part which exhibits a manufacturing defect within the 12month period of the warranty. The repair and spare parts costs burden the manufacturer. The transportation cost from and to our company's seat, the insurance premiums and any other expenses, which may arise during the transportation of the product always burden the buyer.

This warranty will no longer be valid if:

• The machine was used for a different purpose than the one it is intended for.
• Damages were caused due to an accident, a fall, or due to the improper handling of the machine.
• A repair attempt by the user or by a third party preceded.
• An accessory or a spare part of the machine was modified for any reason.
• The installation, use and maintenance of the machine was not carried out in accordance with the instructions of this manual.
• A consumable or a spare part used is different than the ones originally included in the machine.