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General Description

The automatic folding machine STP-950 folds ready-made clothes quickly, silently and with precision. It requires just one operator and it is designed to perfectly fold t-shirts. It can be easily adjusted to fold various types and sizes of clothes in different ways, within the permissible limits.
The maximum production capacity is 5,500 garments per minute.
The machine is offered either as a autonomous unit or as part of a folding and bagging machines set. The set of machines consists of:
STP-950 automatic folding machine
PV-38 automatic bagging machine
KL-55 automatic sealing machine
All machines are offered and operate as autonomous units or as a full station. The structure of a full station of machines (STP950-PV38-KL55) in 3 independent units aims at a more favorable purchase option according to the customer's needs.
The automatic folding machine STP-950 has a folding capacity of 5,500 garments per 8 hours (the measurement was carried out at our site). The machine's output capacity depends largely on the operator's swiftness, the machine's program selection and the type of garment.

The programs of the automatic folding machine are:
1. Folding of a garment in half.
2. Single folding with a set length of the end folding
3. Double folding with a set length of the end folding
4. Double folding with a set length of the end folding (for very large garments)

Compliance with EC Directives:

• EC Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC) along with its amendments
  91/368/EEC, 93/44/EEC and 93/68/EEC
• EC Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC)
• EC Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC)
• EC Directive for simple Pressure Tanks (87/404/EEC)

Compliance with international standards:

• EN 292.01-92, EN 292.02-92, EN 294-92, EN 349-93, EN 418-93,
  EN 23741-92, EN 23742-92, EN 60204.01-93

Compliance with the following national standards:

• ELOT 509-88
The machine has an Emergency STOP button in accordance with the EU standard no. EN 418-93 and the electrical equipment is fully harmonized with the EU directive no. EN 60204.1-93. The noise level does not exceed 70dB, while the sound pressure does not exceed 63Pa per hour of operation in accordance with the Community Directive 89/392/EEC.

Technical specifications

• Dimensions L*W*H: 254x109.5x151cm
• Net weight: 328 kg
• Power supply: 400V/220 50Hz
• Power capacity: 0.35 KW
• Air pressure: 6 bar
• Average Air consumption:  28 L/min
• Maximum output: 15 foldings per minute
• Operator: 1 person
• Maximum garment dimensions (L & W): 100x85cm
   (Trousers L=120cm)
• Width of final folding: 16cm min & 32cm max
• CE


The STP-950 has a 12-month warranty that is in effect from the purchase date of the machine for the mechanical parts and a 6 month warranty for its electrical and electronic systems. The automatic folding machine STP-1000 is accompanied by a manual, its wiring diagrams and list of the spare parts of the machine.
Our company guarantees the proper function of the machine and is obliged to service or repair any faulty part which exhibits a manufacturing defect within the 12month period of the warranty. The repair and spare parts costs burden the manufacturer. The transportation cost from and to our company's seat, the insurance premiums and any other expenses, which may arise during the transportation of the product always burden the buyer.

This warranty will no longer be valid if:
• The machine was used for a different purpose than the one it is intended for.
• Damages were caused due to an accident, a fall, or due to the improper handling of the machine.
• A repair attempt by the user or by a third party preceded.
• An accessory or a spare part of the machine was modified for any reason.
• The installation, use and maintenance of the machine was not carried out in accordance with the instructions of this manual.
A consumable or a spare part used is different than the ones that were originally included in the machine.


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